What is Psychotherapy?

HmmmboyWhat is psychotherapy? And how does it work?

Often times, people go to therapy because they feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. The therapeutic process can help us slow down, step back, take a nonjudgmental look at what's going on, and then try to figure out what to do differently. A sharp therapist can then help you develop new skills, healthier habits and more effective ways of dealing with your issues. In essences, together you and your therapist will, not only design a roadmap to help you get to the desination of your choice, but you will also a create a couple of extra maps to refer to when you take a wrong exit! 

An Evidenced-based Approach To Psychotherapy

Although there are many popular therapeutic models, I have chosen to use evience-based tools and techniques within my psychodynamic counseling sessions. Evidenced-based is just a schmancy way of saying "scientific"- meaning these techniques have been tested through years of experimentation. I also incorporate action-methods, and lots of coaching. 


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