EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT - MAY 4th - 630-745p

 These VIRTUAL WORKSHOP will incorporate creative exercises, humor and Improv games as a means of fostering playful connections with others as well as exploring some of life' wild and crazy struggles!  This is a non-judgmental and super safe space. 

TUESDAY APRIL 27th - 630-745p on THE ZOOM!   

$35 clams - $25 register in advance!

TO REGISTER: TEXT : 917.689.1798 OR EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!! Only 643,000 spaces available!!


FEARLESS LEADER: Psychotherapist/Couples Counselor - Kelley J Brower was a standup comedian, comic actress, improv guru  and a comedy writer/director for 32.555.99 years!

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"I never thought my path would lead me here, but you have given me a reason for opening  myself up to a deeper level. Thank you!"

          L.S. (Massage Therapist & Spiritual Coach) 


 "Thank you again for facilitating such an intelligently crafted and socially active approach to therapy."                             M.P. (Improv Therapy participant)



"I went into Kelley's improv workshop petrified to have all eyes on me up on stage. I was certain I would feel awkward,uninteresting and that my mind would go completely blank! Instead, as the warm up exercises began, I realized what a safe and welcoming space I was in. Kelley's warm personality and helpful coaching made me feel more at ease. In the end, it was great connecting with a friendly, creative bunch of people who I knew could relate to the struggles I'm facing. I felt glad and proud of myself for having gone and am looking forward to the next class!"

          K.W. (Improv therapy participant)