Improv Therapy workshops use improvisational games, team building exercises, group process and lots of humor as a means of addressing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and other 
emotional obstacles. Improv therapy also focuses on fostering creativity, confidence, self-esteem and practicing healthier ways to communicate and relate to others.

Whether you're a performer, a financial analyst, a pet sitter, a parent, a gamer, or someone who is just open to "whatever," This workshop provides a safe space to explore obstacles that get in the way of your happiness, engage your creative side, be more playful and learn how to connect with others in a deeper, more meaningful way.

WHEN: SUNDAY MAY 6th, 2018   

TIME: 3:00-500p

WHERE: Sociometric Studios - Midtown (34th btwn 5th-6th Ave)

HOW MUCH: $25 clams
 RESERVATIONS / TEXT OR CALL: 917.689.1798  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Comedian/Comedy Writer/Director turned Psychotherapist and Coach - Kelley J Brower studied improvisational comedy at The Groundlings in Los Angeles, Chicago City Limits and The Groundlings East in NYC. As an improviser / sketch comedian & stand up comic, she toured the country with various groups including: Falling Rock Zone, The Nelly Olsons, Vicious Bitches, Temporary Insanity, & Urban Side Effects. In addition, Kelley taught improv and sketch comedy writing for 10 years at The Groundlings NY and Gotham City Improv where she eventually became The Artistic Director. Kelley’s comedy writing credits include: Saturday Night Special (Fox TV - sketch comedy mid-season replacement for MadTV-staring Roseanne Barr and Queen Latifah) Launch promos for That 70’s Show, she wrote and edited funny animal greeting cards for Avanti Press, published an essay in Cosmopolitan magazine and wrote and directed the sketch comedy show Urban Side Effects that ran for 6 years off, off off and seriously off Broadway. She has also written and directed music videos, and a bunch of TV pilots, short films and webisodes that went absolutely nowhere.

Before she became a therapist Kelley also spent 15 years in film/TV production as a First AD, Producer, Director and comedy Writer. For more on her film/TV career: